About Alex

People who are willing to face their fears to pursue audacious goals and dreams inspire me. I have so much respect for those who are determined to create powerful and positive changes in their lives and careers, the lives of others, and the world in general; despite the odds they see stacked against them. If you’re reading this, I bet you’re one of them.

I also know how hard and challenging it can be to implement exciting goals and visions in our individual lives and careers. That’s why I have dedicated my life to helping individuals to step into their own power so that they can create careers that allow them to wake up every morning to do the work they truly love.

When I was a teenager living in Germany, my parents tried to convince me that if I followed societal expectations, as in learning a trade, getting a stable job, and raising a family, I would be happy and without worries. However, none of the options presented to me made me feel passionate or gave me a sense of purpose. My passion was to help others to connect to their personal strengths and to help create a better world.

When I announced my plan to pursue higher education as a seemingly logical next step, some of my teachers tried to discourage me because of my average academic performance.

I decided to pursue some of my higher education goals anyway, because I wanted to prove them wrong. But I also wanted to prove that believing in myself was worth all efforts.

After getting a degree, which allowed me to pursue a university track, I again couldn’t find anything that made me come alive. When I turned 18, I decided to move from a 3,500 people countryside village to a 3.5 million global city: Berlin. I tried out many jobs, including launching a business with a friend selling French crepes and waffles during outdoor markets.

Though these experiences were valuable, they didn’t help me build a long-term career vision. That’s when I decided to immigrate to the U.S. to pursue my passion to help people develop as strong leaders and create a better world.

While I struggled with learning a new language and parting with everything that was so familiar to me for so long, my passion kept driving my forward. I learned how to build powerful organizations that support people in creating better communities for themselves and their families.

I also met my life partner and soulmate Melissa shortly after I moved to the U.S., which gave me another incentive to stay here.

I ended up creating and co-creating several award-winning organizations, all of which I led or co-led. Through these organizations, I was able to train many adults and students to tap into their strengths to become powerful leaders. These organizations also helped to create incredibly powerful community improvements for the tens of thousands of individuals and families they served.

As an organizational leader, I’ve trained and supervised many employees, managers, and program directors. I’ve also learned and developed many professional development approaches over the years, which I’m now using in my work as a career coach.

The success I achieved by applying the tools and practices I now teach was recognized when I was awarded the Do Something Brick Award (awarded as one of nine from over 400 applicants nationwide), a national award sponsored by Rolling Stone Magazine and MTV recognizing young leaders under 30 years of age.

During the 20+ years that I was able to build a successful career for myself, my passion for coaching and personal development kept telling me that I hadn’t arrived yet at the final version of my life purpose. I finally had to come to terms with the fact that there still was a part of me that I hadn’t paid attention to enough and which had been wanting to be realized through a new career direction.

I became certified as a Life and Career Coach, and started my own business providing life and career coaching for individuals, and coaching, training and consulting services for organizations. While it has been quite scary at times to dive into this new adventure, it has also been an exhilarating experience to overcome my fears and learn so many new skills at this stage in my life.

In the end though, seeing the individuals and organizations I work with to successfully overcome the challenges they’re facing on their way to achieving greatness and audacious visions is the biggest reward one could hope for. It’s worth any effort and overcoming any fear or challenge, and so much more.

I feel incredibly blessed about my career experience that I get to enjoy these days. What I do gives me so much purpose, more purpose than I’ve ever experienced before in my life. I’m also able to experience so much joy. Every morning when I wake up, I’m so excited. I can’t wait to start my workday. And I’m so grateful that I get to do work that I absolutely love.

I also get to enjoy flexible work hours and a balanced lifestyle. While I can have an impact through my work, I also have time to go jogging with our dog Sunny during the day, cook, hang out with people I care about, travel, and do many other things that give me meaning and joy.

I have more energy than I’ve ever had, I enjoy better health, better relationship experiences, and I feel so much happier these days. And all this while I’m also getting to make a big impact.

I want to help as many people as I can to have the same experience: to wake up excited every morning to do work they truly love and to experience their ideal work-life balance.

Through my work as a career coach I’ve made it my mission now to help people who are stuck in unfulfilling jobs and careers to create careers that align with their life purpose, their passions, and their unique gifts.