Alex’s Approach

When people are stuck in unfulfilling jobs or careers, they often dread going to work, or they feel that their gifts and talents are under utilized. This level of unhappiness often spills over into other areas of their lives. Their relationships suffer and their health declines. They also experience low levels of energy, a lack of purpose, and a lack of work-life balance.-

Additionally, people who want to pursue a career change at a later stage in life often experience fears, such as being to old for a career change, having to give up financial security, being judged by others, fear of failure, or other self-limiting beliefs.

To help people create their dream careers and work experiences that are filled with joy, purpose, freedom over their schedule, and ideal work-life balance, Alex (who is a certified career and life coach) helps them to:

  • Reconnect with their deeper passions and dreams
  • Create inspiring visions for their lives and careers
  • Create inspiring goals and action plans
  • Build their personal and professional strengths and talents
  • Overcome internal barriers that have been keeping them stuck, such as self-
    sabotaging behaviors, self-limiting beliefs, fears, and self-doubts
  • Replace limiting habits that have been holding them back with new success
  • Increase their confidence and persistence

Alex believes that everyone is born with unique gifts that they’re meant to share with the world so that they can have a fulfilling, successful, and impactful career experience. Helping people to step into their personal power so that they can be courageous and fulfill their true potential is Alex’s specialty as a coach.