Improve Your Interviewing & Negotiation Skills

This package is for you if…

  • You haven’t been getting job offers after your job interviews.
  • You’ve been lacking self-confidence and have been experiencing mishaps during job interviews.
  • You feel that not enough of your professional skills match the requirements of the job openings you keep interviewing for.

Through this package you will:

  1. Strengthen your job interview skills
  • Effectively communicate how your professional track record and skills align with the requirements of the job you’ve applied for.
  • Learn what questions to ask and which ones not to ask.
  • Learn how to respond to challenging and unexpected questions in the best way.
  1.  Learn how to win the inner game of job interviews
  • Learn how to effectively connect with your interviewer(s) so that you can leave a positive and memorable impression..
  • Learn how to effectively use body language and mindfulness to maintain control during the interview.
  • Learn how to step into a powerful mindset so that you can show up confidently and authentically.
  1.  Learn effective negotiation skills
  • Learn effective strategies for approaching salary negotiations.
  • Learn how to overcome internal barriers, such as limiting beliefs, that can interfere with successfully negotiating your desired salary.
  • Learn how to approach salary negotiations with confidence.

This package contains the following components:

  • Minimum of two 90 min. coaching sessions
  • Assessment of work history
  • Research & assessment of job(s) applied for
  • Job interview roleplay
  • Salary negotiation strategy
  • Email and text message support
  • Follow-up & evaluation


  • We start by helping you develop a clear vision of how you want to show up at job interviews as your best and most powerful self.
  • We will develop approaches that allow you to utilize your strengths in the most powerful and effective way during job interviews.
  • We will help you to feel well prepared and confident.
  • We use a combination of coaching conversations, self-discovery, exercises, assessments, and roleplays.
  • We will create powerful practices that you can use on your own to prepare for your job interviews.
  • We help you to eliminate any barriers that may have been preventing you from performing at your best during job interviews.
  • We help you create powerful practices that allow you to manage any fears and doubts that may come up.

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