Special Leadership Coaching Program 

This is a 6 – 12 months intensive coaching programs for leaders who want to take their leadership development to the next level so that they can live into their true leadership potential, experience exponential growth, and create a bigger impact.

This program is for you if:

You’re a leader with a successful professional track record.
You have a bias for transformative leadership practices.
You’ve always felt that there is a special purpose for you, a mission, a calling.
You’re passionate about helping to create a better world.


You feel that you haven’t reached your full potential yet.
You know that you can have a much bigger impact.
You want to take your leadership abilities to the next level.

And you want to do all this while creating a healthy work-life balance that allows you to enjoy other things that are important to you in your life.  You want to be a more impactful leader in a healthy and balanced way.

If you’re ready to start living into your true leadership potential, learn more here: www.alexpoeter.com