”I started working with Alex at a time when I realized that I had outgrown my job but was unfocused about what I wanted to do next. It was important to me to find a coach who could mentor me from a place of experience. Alex is an expert listener and skilled coach. He helped me create my career vision and clarify my values. Alex helped me identify my strengths and replace obstacles with new ways of thinking. Working with Alex gave me the courage to develop my own path in order to fill a community need that is not being addressed by anyone else. It was a privilege to talk with Alex on a weekly basis and I consider my time with him to be one of the best investments I have made.”

– Nicole Jurek, Founder, Local Circles

“I have found my coaching sessions with Alex Poeter to be impactful. After an hour long session, I go from being overwhelmed to feeling empowered with a clear directive of how to move forward. When I can process an issue I am having with Alex, I find that I can solve my own issues and be a more effective worker and team player.”

– Nadeen Bir, Program Director, Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF)

“Alex is an outstanding coach. I continue to work with him as I build my business and career, and our sessions are the highlight of my week. What sets Alex apart from other coaches is his ability to deeply listen and connect with the underlying thoughts and issues holding a client back. He is also one of the most skilled note takers I have ever seen in action! After each session, I receive a detailed email summing up what I shared and we discussed, with additional thoughts, insights and recommendations. These are incredibly helpful to implement the next steps and I have been keeping all of them, since the very first one. Alex has a gift for coaching and consulting, and combined with his extensive learning and knowledge, he can help anyone move past inner and outer barriers and start the life they intend to live.”

– Aurora Meneghello, Founder, Repurpose Your Purpose

“Alex Poeter was one of the wisest and most strategic not for profit leaders in Chicago for over twenty years.  He was a leader in Chicago’s community organizing community, and he built a strong organization with numerous high quality programs and services for both youth and adults.  Alex has a leadership style that is centered on focused listening and clear analysis, and he is skilled at collaborating with diverse groups of individuals and organizations.  Alex is rooted in social justice values and empathetic of the many challenges not for profits and their leaders face.  He is also a very creative problem solver who anticipates trends and understands how to marry big ideas to clear action plans.”

Brian Brady, Executive Director, Mikva Challenge

“Having worked with Alex for years, I remain steadily impressed with his abilities to perceive and articulate short and long-term needs in a deeply caring manner.  If you are looking for a loud superstar, keep looking. If you are looking fora caring and thoroughly competent coach to help you break out of what’s holding you or your organization in harmful patterns, you’ve found him.”

Leigh Patel, PhD, Writer, Sociologist, Educator

“Since I was a teenager I had the pleasure of working with Alex in many different capacities. Alex was the Executive Director at the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council where I was a youth leader.  As a youth leader Alex always pushed me to exceed far beyond what I thought my capabilities were.  He challenged me to stand up for what I believed in and helped me become a strong leader in the community.  With Alex’s guidance and support  I was able to grow as a leader more than I thought ever possible.”

Lisa Rodriguez, Chicago

What people are saying about Alex’s workshops:

“I found Alex Poeter’s Career Transition in Mid-Life an excellent entryway into a world filled with more questions then answers. That world is one’s life and professional transitions. While the title of the class suggested a focus outside of my current situation, i.e., creating an encore career following retirement, I was pleasantly surprised when Alex modeled his writing and collaborative exercises to include my specific needs. His gentle guidance in exploring where one is, where one hopes to be, and the goals and actions needed to be successful is highly effective.

In addition, a bonus outcome to participating was Alex’s ability to create a supportive environment, highlighting how many of the group’s questions and issues proved universal. I highly recommend Alex Poeter’s workshops, on-line interactions and individual coaching sessions.”

Donna Glick, Director of Education at the Huntington Theatre Company and current Arts and Education Consultant